Tiny Tents was born from a dream.

The dream to purchase the small model display tents at outdoor stores, a dream we were told by store employees was impossible. We’d travel to the stores to marvel at the tiny rainflies, the miniature windows, and the wee tent poles, only to be met with four crushing words: “those aren’t for sale”.

The tents were small, but our dreams were big, and we knew exactly what we needed to do. In 2019, we launched the very first Tiny Tent, a 12-inch tent with all the features and functionality of a regular sized one. The little wonder was instantly embraced by cats, dogs, Barbies, and humans alike. Our first batch of Tiny Tents sold out at REI in just a few weeks, and it was then we knew our Tiny Tent had a big future.

At Tiny Tents, we believe there is no tent too tiny to house your greatest ambitions.

Dream big, camp small.